Fuji natural Vanadium water Sun&Sun

Content of vanadium is 150µg/L

Geographical environment of Fuji is unique.Source of Fuji no Jyusui is in thus environment, so it has high content of minerals. Pure mineral water is better for absorbing, it will gives you high-quality healthy life.

Fuji natural Vanadium water Sun&Sun
Fuji no Jyusui wins iTQi 2012 The Superior Taste Award


The Superior Taste Award
Judging is made by 120 Chefs and Sommeliers. Products are tested on a strictly blind basis, without packaging and without any kind of identification. Each judge is dedicated to a sensory analysis of the tasted product and assigns a numeric score on an evaluation sheet reflecting the overall feeling of hedonic pleasure (the most important weight in the final mark) and also other criteria like vision, smell, texture, flavour and mouth-feel. The Superior Taste Award can be granted to the product with 70% and more of total marks.

The product judged by 120 Chefs and Sommeliers and got 70% and more of total marks could be award The Superior Taste Award.
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Content of vanadium is best level in Japan

Fuji no Jyusui had been reported many times by TV and website. Source of Fuji no Jyusui is in the appointed area of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It has high content of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and so on. Especially content of vanadium is 150㎍/L, the best level in Japan.

Efficiency of vanadium

Efficiency of vanadium in body is similar to insulin, so it had been wide interested in the last few years.
The activity of volcano since ancient time made the unique stratal configuration of Fuji, and then after hundreds of years the source was born.

Content of vanadium is 150µg/Lg

Vanadium is the most conspicuous mineral in 21th century.
The unique geographical environment of Fuji endows Fuji no Jyusui with unbelievable Vanadium content 150µg/L, the best level in Japan.

How to absorb vanadium

Vanadium has many good effects to body health but hard to absorb.
Assimilating vanadium by drinking water is more efficient.

Efficiency of vanadium

  • * Reduce blood sugar
  • * Helping the metabolism of fat and cholesterol
  • * Prevent arteriosclerosis
  • * Balance fatty acid
  • * effect to diabetes mellitus, hypertension, constipation, gout could be expected

Shop around! Mineral content of Fuji no jyusui thus abandunce!

Fuji no Jyusui(Energy  ……0kcal Protein ……0g Fat  ……………0g Carbohydrate  ………0g Sodium  ……7.6mg Calcium ……1.4mg Magnesium  …1.0mg Potassium  ………0.29mg Ph…………8.6 Rigidity  ……………78mg/L  Vanadium ………150µg/L)

Content of vanadium is 150µg/L

Fuji natural Vanadium water Sun&Sun
Trade name Natural mineral water
Material water (Ground water)
Net mass 500ml
Expiry date listed in the cap
Storage method store the product in sealed, cool and dry condition
Water Souce Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park designated area


Woman who mosquitoes do not bite
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Voice of customer

Customer Voice
Shizuoka ken Iwata shi Mr. I(50s)
I drink Fuji no Jyusui everyday. I had been troubled by stomatitis for few years, but since I drunk Fuji no Jyusui it was much better than before.
Customer Voice
Okayama ken Kurashiki shi Mr. T(51s)
A little expensive, but blending with shochu is glorious.
Customer Voice
Fukuoka ken Maruoka machi Mr.I (45s)
Since drinking Fuji no Jyusui I lose weight 3 kilograms in 3 months. It has dieresis effective, isn`t it?
Customer Voice
Shizuoka ken Hamamatsu shi Mr. Hatsu (33s)
It tastes fantastic. I would like to drink it everyday from now on.
Customer Voice
Shizuoka ken Hamamatsu shi Mr. T (60s)
My blood sugar steady declined. I recently used no other medicines, so maybe it is the effective of Fuji no Jyusui.
Customer Voice
Shizuoka ken Shimizu shi Mrs.K (35s)
I ordered Fuji no Jyusui from 1 year ago. My son was interested in football so I used to brought Pocari Sweat for him. Then I heard that drinking that in a long-term is terrible to healthy. So now we only drink Fuji no Jyusui after sports.A little expensive, much cheaper will be better.

* Personal feeling of customers, only for reference